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Customer & Marketing Experience

Creative Solutions is committed to providing multimedia solutions to customers on a global scale. our experience in multimedia solution Industry enhances the venue marketing tools to the next level. And now, our partnership with creative Technology LLC and multiple studios around the world improve our ability to provide the most innovative customized ideas for marketing and customer experience.      

Creative Solutions is at the cutting edge of technology and offers products such as 3D Hologram, 3D Holographic fan, 3D Projection Mapping, 360° Projection, Interactive Projection Technologies, Laser Projection, Sphere Projection, Dome Tent Projection, Digital Display, Touch Display, Virtual Presenter, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Glass Gobo, LED Pixel Mapping, LED Lighting Products, LED Screen, Content Customization, and multimedia products to customers.

We have been insisting on the business philosophy: basement of culture, platform of design and commercial operation. We provided systematic solutions and best practices for different fields by our creative design.

Our strength lies in the ability to develop innovative concepts from computerized interactive programs using the multi-sensory detection technology that combines exciting visuals, choreography, sound and special effects, enabling dynamic presentations, accomplishing desired results. It allows viewers to interact with the image itself in the form of movements and actions. 

At present, we have provided products and services to over 4 countries around the world, Saudi Arabia Brazil, US and UAE.

Our application area including shopping mall, airport, hotel, amusement park etc. Our products are alluring and captivating to consumers’ attention for its unique feel, is a strong competitive edge concept, highly recommended for advertising, exhibition, seminar, entertainment etc.

Creative Solutions is your partner to work together to establish value-added services and identity to your products.