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Patient Experience

Creative Solutions are the only provider of the full spectrum of Patient Experience in the world, our services include IT, technology and ART base products, our products engaging the minds on every patient and can enhance the Patient experience concept to the next level, in collaboration with multiple suppliers from US and Europe.  Creative Solutions not only contributes to global patient health, but also to reduce the healthcare costs through environmental theming and state-of-the-art visual technology.

To add to our progress and achievements we have signed with CHS “Comfort Health Solutions” USA in the MENA region, CHS is the main hospital theme and patient experience ideas provider they also have a full spectrum of ambient systems in radiology specifically and all hospital department in general.

Our Patient experience systems proofed its efficiency and uniqueness, adding wow effect on each room that makes patient and medical provider feel comfortable in a very pleasant environment that add illusion and happiness that the patient and medical staff deserve, our installations have accomplished successful global footprint in GCC, US, and South America.


We can pro-actively provide solutions for radiology rooms to give a relaxing ambient nature that would enable your patients to have a feeling of security in a process that brings about a sense of anxiety by nature. This enables our customers to be one step ahead of the competition. A well relaxed patient is a result of well thought of theming and theme consultation through an intricate process of design and execution.

In this department Creative solutions provide most innovative technology, educational based content, and unique patient environments within the medical industry with specific focus on pediatric patients and their families, with multiple solutions such as:

·        2D &3D ART

·        Ambient lighting

·        Projection and displays